Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend or partner who loves making things?

Here are our top 4 gift ideas:

  1. A Course to learn how to make and fix things
  2. Some money towards a course on how to make and fix things
  3. A shed to make things in
  4. Tools to make things with!

We have some lovely new gift vouchers that we can send out or email to you! We haven’t set this up in our online shop yet, but in the meantime just contact us here.

Let us know:

  1. The value which you would like the voucher to be
  2. The name of the recipient
  3. Whether you would like us to send the gift voucher in the post or by email
  4. Your postal address and / or your email address

You can see all of our scheduled courses here.

Gift Vouchers