Skills for Women

Due to popular demand, together with a team of experienced Trades Women, TouchWood South West have developed a DIY Course for Women!

The course is:

  • Empowering –  fix and maintain your own home without having to wait for someone else to do it!
  • Practical – gain valuable hands-on experience together with important background knowledge
  • Inspiring – start a journey of discovery and learning in all things DIY

This is what you will learn:

Fundamentals – How does my house work?

Fundamentals – How does my house work?

Learn about:
-what is my house made of?
-how do the electrical circuits work?
-how does the plumbing work?
-what’s in a basic tool kit for home?
-how do I saw wood accurately?
In addition to all of this, make a simple carpentry tool for sawing at home!

Carpentry Module

Carpentry Module

-fundamental marking out techniques
-how to fix a shelf to a wall
-which fixings do I use? Where to use screws, nails and plugs
-correct fixings for different wall types like plaster, brick, concrete block
-estimating and ordering wood
-how to use a range of power drills and how to drill into different materials AND make a small shelf to take home!

Painting and Decorating Module

Painting and Decorating Module

Painting and Decorating
-solutions to common decorating problems
-which equipment is needed and how to use it
-how to prepare, prime and paint wood and plaster professionally

Plumbing and Electrics Module

Emergency Module
Plumbing and Electrics – the Emergency Module

Plumbing and Electrics
-how to fix a leaking tap
-how to unblock your sink
-how to bleed your radiator
-how to fix a leaking toilet
-how to wire a plug
-when to call a trades person
-understand what they are talking about and speak their language!

Tiling Module

Tiling Module
Tiling Module

-about different tiling problems
-about a broad range of different tiles and how to cut them
-setting out techniques for tiles for a kitchen splash back
-how to know which tiles and which adhesive to use
-which materials and tools to use and which to avoid

This is what participants have said about the course:
 “ A big thank you! One of the best courses I have ever taken, I learned so much”
“This course has given me so much confidence I never thought I had”
“ I felt really comfortable and empowered within an all women space”

“Fantastic value for money – very thoroughly planned. All the modules were delivered in great detail.”